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As we all try to navigate the unfamiliar waters of Coronavirus/COVID19, we want to do our best to serve our church family and community as best as possible. Through Church 54, we are organizing a system through to help meet the needs of Seniors as well as those with compromised immune systems.


In times like this, loneliness can prevail. We want to help partner our members with one another, for first of all relational support-praying together, checking on each other via phone, text or email and "loving on each other." The enemy loves to work through isolation, so let's partner together and make sure that our Seniors or immune-compromised friends are still well loved and cared for in this time. Our second objective is to provide support with basic tasks or errands that may require public presence.


We have created a brief Google Form for volunteers and recipients to complete to be paired with one another for needs such as grocery pick up, medication pick up, or other essential errands that individuals at higher risk for Coronavirus may not feel comfortable completing for themselves at this time.


After completing a form, someone from our team at Church 54 will be in touch with you with further information.

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